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It is an absolute joy to meet with couples and to hear your stories. I could (and do) sit for hours listening to the tales of first meetings, proposals, near misses, and that time you broke your leg and your other half had to carry you down the stairs. I adore hearing what people love and admire most about each other and the funny stories about what just drives you nuts about them. For me, this is a key part of the process and one I’m told I do really well. We are getting to know one another while I am gathering material for the ceremony script; we are likely to laugh a lot and maybe shed a few tears too.

I’m available to help you (lots, if you need it!) with selecting readings, music, and writing vows or promises that will be made. I can help you think of beautiful symbolic elements that add meaning and texture to your ceremony. If you want to write your own words, I am supportive and understanding when you don’t get your vows to me by Friday, as you promised! But I will give you a nudge and encouragement when you feel stuck and need to work through a creative block. Or else I can take what I’ve learned from you and write words on your behalf – and I won’t rest until they feel like they’ve been spoken from your own heart! I promise I will give you a ceremony that is truly personal, sings of your love, and buzzes with joyful energy. Let’s create a day to remember!

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Edinburgh, UK

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