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How To Find A Free Ultimate Wedding Planner

free ultimate wedding planner organiser

free ultimate wedding planner organiser

Looking for a straightforward, easy to use Wedding Planner tool ?

We have found the ultimate wedding organiser for arranging absolutely everything and we mean everything you could think of that is required when planning your big day. The wedding organiser tool has been specifically designed for helping out newly engaged couples to plan every moment of their wedding day with ease.

It’s Absolutely Free !

The wedding tool is completely free, extremely easy to use and available on Google. Everyone loves and trusts Google. It is more than an extremely intelligent global search engine so it’s a no-brainer to use a wedding planning tool that Google has developed and recommends.

Where Can I Find This Ultimate Wedding Planner ?

The ultimate wedding planner is very easy to find and to make it even simpler we have broke it down into a few simple steps and listed them below. We have also included images in each step, the images will be a representation of what you’ll see on your computer screen as you follow our instructions so you can find this wedding planning lifesaver fast and easily:

  1. Go to and look on the top right-hand side of the page for the 9 dotted icon. Click on it – this is the icon for Google Applications.

Free Ultimate Wedding Planner Template

2. Once you have clicked on the 9 dotted icon. Look for the yellow, blue and green coloured triangular icon with the word ‘Drive’ underneath it. Click on this icon. (This is Google’s own file storage service for documents, spreadsheets, presentation files and has been developed to rival Microsoft’s version of Word, Excel and so on but Google offers these tools for free. This is where we will find Google’s Wedding Planning tool template):

Free Ultimate Wedding Planner

3. To access the Google Drive Application, you have to have a Google Account. Google will prompt you to sign in or register before accessing Google Drive so enter the required information to get access:

How To Find A Free Ultimate Wedding Planner Step 3

4. Once you are in the Google Drive Application, click on the ‘New’ tab:

How To Find Free Ultimate Wedding Planner Step 4

5. Click on ‘Google Sheets’ from the dropdown menu:

How To Find A Free Ultimate Wedding Planner Step 5

6. A ‘Google Sheets’ new window will open which will be a spreadsheet application. In this application click the green icon on the top left-hand side of the screen.

How To Find A Free Ultimate Wedding Planner Step 6

7. This will take you to Google ‘Sheets Home’ and at the top of the page you will see there is a template gallery. Hover over the writing ‘Template Gallery’ and click on the writing.

How To Find A Free Ultimate Wedding Planner Step 7

8. This expands the Template Gallery so you can scroll down and view various templates for budgets, to-do lists etc. The Wedding Planner Template is in the ‘Personal’ section so scroll down till you can see this section. Click on the Wedding Planner Template to open and edit it.

How To Find A Free Ultimate Wedding Planner Step 8

9. You now have access to the Wedding Planner Template and you can get yourself familiar with all the tools it has to offer !

How To Find A Free Wedding Planner Step 9

How To Use The Wedding Planner

This ultimate wedding planner is a useful online tool structured in a way that breakdowns down every aspect of the wedding planning process. It splits it into different sections and categories to make it easier to manage and actually quite fun!

All sections and categories of the wedding organiser are available to you at all times and can be accessed via the user-friendly tabs at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to take it step by step and jump from one section to another easily if needed. This is extremely useful since wedding planning is a multi tasking process where many different things are happening at the same time.

It Has Everything !

The wedding planner has been split into various sections including the guest list, seating chart, entertainment, catering and much, much more ! There’s even a section for calculating your estimated budget and all the sums are calculated for you automatically. All you need to do is enter the costings for each part of the wedding e.g. catering, ceremony hire, flowers etc. The wedding planner will then calculate everything for you.

You can also then use the ‘Detailed Budget’ section for breaking down costings in more detail and the wedding planner will do all the calculations for you. It can also compare the actual costs to the estimated costs for all aspects of the wedding to help you keep track of spending as you go. So if nothing else, you can really benefit from this Wedding Planner’s budget calculator as has a lot to offer when keeping to a budget.

The first tab is an all singing, all dancing To-Do List where you can type in things that need to be done before the wedding. The To-Do list has a column for describing the To-Do task. Another for entering the due date so you can easily keep track of what date things should be done by. The third column is titled ‘Progress’ and is used for determining the status of the task i.e. whether the task has been started yet so you can select ‘Not Started’, ‘In progress’, ‘Late’ or ‘Done’ from a dropdown menu. The fourth column is titled ‘Notes’ and is an area for typing in information in more detail regarding the status of each individual wedding task.

Useful Wedding Planner Sections

Another useful section is the ‘Schedule’ tab where you can enter the timeline of your wedding day such as the time the ceremony is due to start, the order of songs and readings during the ceremony etc.  This is helpful to have a reference of to look back on now and again during the run up to your big day.

The ‘Guest List’ section can be used for much more than to just keep a note of guest addresses. It is a helpful tool to keep note of which guests have sent back their RSVP and a place to keep note of their wedding menu choice. You can also allocate them a table number so you can find their name easier on the ‘Seating Chart’ section of the wedding planner.

The Seating Chart is a valuable tool as it automatically calculates the number of wedding guests at each table once you have entered the guest name(s) and displays this number at the foot of each table column. It also displaying a total guest number count at the top right-hand side of the page. This way you can edit the seating chart as much as you like and always have a note of the guest number count for each alteration you make.

Easy To Keep Track Of Spending

The wedding planner is a great tool for keeping track of your spending in so many ways. The gift section is for planning the gifts you’ll give to the wedding party so you can type in each member’s name of the wedding party, what you plan to get them, where you plan to get it and how much it will cost. This section has also been tailored to use for planning the wedding favours you’ll be giving your guests on the day of your wedding so you can write down what your wedding favours will be, where you are getting them from and how much they will cost into this section.

The rest of the sections are for research purposes and are helpful for figuring out important parts of your day like where to have your reception and deciding on the suppliers you’ll use on your wedding day for providing your flowers, cake, entertainment etc.

The ‘Venue’ section is extremely useful as it has separate columns for inputting the capacity of the venue, the room hire price and the price per head which are vital details in comparing and deciding on the wedding venue you choose. The Hair/Makeup section allows you to compare service providers, their costings for trial sessions and the actual wedding day cost for both the Bride and the rest of wedding party. You can also breakdown the costs for the Photographer in its self-titled section so you can keep track of your spending with its separated columns for entering the detailed costing for the wedding day, the engagement shoot and the wedding album.

Makes Wedding Planning A Piece Of Cake

We absolutely love this Wedding Planner as it has definitely been designed with wedding couples in mind. It has every possible aspect of planning a wedding covered and now that we have talked you through each section of it and demonstrated some of its brilliance and how it could be of use to you, we hope you try it and love it too ! Every couple planning a wedding needs all the help they can get because there is so much to consider no matter how big and lavish or small and modest you want your wedding to be.

In fact, there are so many useful tools within this planner for organising a wedding that we believe you’ll end up calling it your wedding’s holy grail. Or why not make it super fun and give your wedding planner a proper name like ‘Sally’. So that whenever someone asks you something about your wedding you can answer “I’ll need to consult Sally, my wedding planner, and get back to you ! ”

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